Anxiety Problems


Having an anxiety disorder sucks sometimes, but laughing helps.

Explaining what it’s like to have a mental health disorder.

When you make it through a social event without having a panic attack

Anonymous asked: Hey =) I've been diagnosed with social anxiety, and I am unsure whether or not I want meds. I know you can't decide for me, but any tips on what to think about?

Talk to a doctor! A good doctor, whether a GP, psychiatrist, or other will give you your options and not push you to take anything. It’s up to you whether you want to take medications, and which you decide to take. A doctor can help you learn about those options. 

When you realize that you and a good friend are on the same meds. 

Going to your first therapy session:

Leaving your first therapy session:

Waking Up Anxious on the First Day of School


When you can recognize one of your triggers and successfully avoid an anxiety attack.

How I feel about exposure therapy for OCD/anxiety


When someone says “just stop being nervous”


Waking up from an exceptionally odd SSRI-induced dream


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